Red Bean Cake with American Pistachios


Red Bean Cake with American Pistachios

Yield: 1


½ cup Red bean paste

1 tablespoon Jelly

4 pieces Chestnuts, chopped

⅛ cup Whipping cream

⅛ cup American pistachio kernels, chopped

½ cup Sugar water


In a saucepan, boil the chestnuts with sugar water for 5 minutes. Take the chestnuts out of the water. Add red bean paste into the sugar water and boil it together with jelly using low flame until jelly melts. Pour the mixture into a pudding mold and add chestnuts into the mold as well. Put the mold into the refrigerator until set.

Un-mold the pudding and invert onto a plate. Top with whipped cream and chopped pistachio kernels.


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