Cooking with the Pros

The Professional Chef Discovers American Pistachios


Join chef-instructors from the Culinary Institute of America in this online exploration of pistachios’ potential. Assisted by acclaimed French pastry chef Jean–Yves Charon, the chefs will demonstrate how to prepare cakes, confections, macarons, gelato, and even an unusual guacamole with pistachios. The accompanying text, videos, and chef-tested recipes will give you the resources to dive more deeply on your own.




To boost the craveability of your pastries and confections, reach for pistachios. Among nuts, they’re the style leader, the one that makes any creation more fashion forward. Pistachio is the flavor of the moment—in gelato, in biscotti, and in the biggest pastry trend from Paris: the macaron. Around the country, patrons at wine bars and craft-brew taprooms are enjoying pistachios roasted with contemporary seasonings like smoked salt and pimentón.



American Pistachio Spread

Creamy, spreadable, dip-able and oh-so yummy.



American Pistachio Macarons

Simply decadent!


Today America leads the world in pistachio production—both in quantity and quality. With California-grown pistachios so prevalent, you can give imported nuts a pass. With convenient formats like shelled kernels, you can easily experiment with making pistachio paste and pistachio flour.



American Pistachio Gelato

Dairy-free, creamy, dreamy and delicious



American Pistachio Aioli

Amazingly delicious, this beautiful green sauce is spreadable, dip-able or makes a divine dressing for salads.

Sourcing American Pistachios

Know Your Source

To be sure you’re buying the finest pistachios, ask your supplier about the source. Several countries grow pistachios, and the quality differs in ways you should note.

Pistachio Orchard
Pistachio Heart Bowl

Forms of American Pistachios

Any Way You
Like Them

Stock your kitchen with pistachios in a variety of forms so you always have the best type for the task. From raw in-shell pistachios—a blank slate for your own seasonings—to sweetened paste for confections and pastries, pistachios come in a format that fits. 

American Pistachios and Snacking

Pistachios Raise
the Bar

In communities around the country, bar chefs are the newest rock stars. Creative cocktails can make bar profits soar, and if you want patrons to say, “I’ll have another,” offer a savory accompaniment.

Pistachios and Snacking
American Pistachio Pie

Baking with American Pistachios

The Baker's Favorite

Among all the nuts in the baker’s toolbox, only pistachios add luscious color. Sprinkled on top of Danish pastry, on a glistening apricot tart, or on honey-drenched baklava, they provide the visual contrast that makes for eye appeal. 

American Pistachio Flour

Making It, Using It

When finely ground, pistachios make a versatile flour that opens a world of opportunity in baking. Pistachio cupcakes, anyone?

Pistachio Confections

American Pistachio Confections

A World of
Tiny Treats

Who doesn’t appreciate an elegant box of candy or a plate of dainty mignardises at the end of a meal? Kids may vote for quantity over quality in candy, but most adults prefer their sweets in small bites.

American Pistachio Paste and Butter

Make the Real Thing

If you rely on pistachio paste to flavor ice cream, buttercream, or pastry filling, don’t you want to use the real thing? The fact is, a lot of so-called pistachio paste isn’t 100 percent pistachio.

Pistachio Paste
Pistachio Ice Cream

American Pistachio

Ice Cream

It’s ice cream versus gelato, and how will you vote? Ice cream is America’s favorite frozen dessert. Gelato is the upstart from Italy. Why not say yes to both? You don’t have to take sides, but you should understand the differences because some of your customers do.

Pairing American Pistachios with Beer and Wine

You Be the Judge

Wine enthusiasts and beer fans, let’s just call it a draw. Pistachios are equal-opportunity nuts; they love you both.

Pairing beer and pistachios